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Create Evening Content Using the Galaxy S23 Series 5G, Epic Guaranteed!



The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G features the most advanced camera and the most powerful performance. Samsung has added quite a lot of new innovations to the Galaxy S23 Series 5G camera which further spoil photography connoisseurs, such as the Nightography and Astrography features, especially on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G.

There are at least three camera innovations on the Galaxy S23 Series 5G, especially the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G which comes with a 200 MP Adaptive Pixel, which is a strong reason proving that this smartphone really has first-class quality.

As the highest variant, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G comes with a 200MP Adaptive Pixel which enables extraordinary image detail with 16 times higher resolution, wider Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) which produces more detailed and vivid nightography photos and videos.

This sophisticated camera capability is supported by the most powerful chipset at the moment, which is the result of Samsung’s exclusive collaboration with Qualcomm, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G camera comes with a significant upgrade with an increased resolution and increasingly sophisticated camera features. Samsung equipped it with an ISOCELL HP2 sensor to provide a camera resolution that reaches 200MP, especially on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G.

One of the most interesting features that you can get on the Galaxy S23 Series 5G is the Nightography feature which presents a leap in smartphone camera technology. The Galaxy S23 Series 5G can provide the best quality photos and videos anytime and anywhere, including in low light conditions.


Nightography feature for more epic night photos

Nightography Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

The efficacy of the Galaxy S23 Series 5G camera is not only when used in a place where there is too much light, but also at night when there is low light, the shots are still stunning. This ability is thanks to the Nightography feature.

The Galaxy S23 Series 5G is supported by the ability to double the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) angle in all directions to increase camera stability when taking pictures in low light conditions.

This includes when you have to use a slower shutter speed or record while moving. This ability will provide better results of photos and videos in low light places.

Samsung presents the Galaxy S23 Series 5G with enhanced Nightography capabilities to 200MP Adaptive Pixel innovations for a better content creation experience in low light conditions.



The Nightography feature on the Galaxy S23 5G allows you to produce better content thanks to its ability to improve content quality low light to a higher level.

The Nightography feature on the Galaxy S23 5G is also supported by photography and videography features at night that are increasingly qualified. You can now enjoy a better Night Selfie feature thanks to the support of the Super HDR camera, which was introduced for the first time by the Samsung camera on the Galaxy S23 Series 5G.


That way, you will get sharper selfie results, even in low light. Then there is also the Night Portrait feature, which has now been equipped with a renewable object recognition AI for low light portrait more detailed and realistic.

The Nightography feature is also available on the rear camera, be it a wide, ultrawide, telephoto camera with 3x zoom, to a periscope that can zoom up to 10x. The front camera also has a Nightography feature which makes this feature even more complete.

Astrophoto with Expert RAW, Can Photograph the Moon

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G has an Astrography feature which can photograph stars very clearly. If you want a portrait of the night sky to become a work of art, then use the Astro Hyperlapse feature embedded in this smartphone.

The Astrography feature on the Galaxy S23 Ultra will provide bright clarity and fast movement. The recording results of the movement of celestial bodies will certainly be amazing with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera.

In addition to the high-quality hyperlapse capabilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G camera, Samsung has also embedded the Expert RAW feature. This feature functions to further enhance the results of the photo.


With the Expert RAW feature, you can get maximum results by taking 50 MP photos, enlarging your repertoire with astrophoto, and multiple exposures.

The Astrophotography feature on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G will be able to produce more detailed images of celestial bodies. You can capture various objects in the sky, be it the moon or the stars.


To access the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Astrography feature, you can directly click on the constellation icon in Expert RAW mode. You can choose the duration of the photo from 4 minutes to 10 minutes and there is also a preview of the sky when shooting stars.

You only need to adjust the exposure manually or let the camera set it automatically when activating the Astrography feature on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. After that, you can point the camera at the sky, and you will get clear photos of the moon even in low light. Extraordinary!


More Detailed Photos with Adaptive Pixel 200MP

Kamera Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

The technology leap was presented by Samsung through the Galaxy S23 Series 5G, where you can get the biggest leap on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G which comes with 200MP Adaptive Pixel technology. Samsung offers an extraordinary level of detail with a resolution 16 times higher than the previous series.

The 200MP Adaptive Pixel on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G comes thanks to the ISOCELL HP2, Samsung’s latest image sensor that allows for incredible image detail at 16 times higher resolution without making the camera’s physical size too big.

This feature is able to provide increasingly improved image results, thanks to the use of the ISOCELL HP2 sensor which is capable of producing images with maximum quality in various light conditions.


Not only is the resolution high, the ISOCELL HP2 sensor also has the latest pixel-binning technology, which is called Tetra 2 Pixel. This technology is capable of making photos with minimal noise in various lighting conditions, because this technology can adjust pixel sizes that vary depending on the light conditions.

The use of Tetra 2 Pixel technology can make the camera automatically adapt to light conditions, for example when it is bright this sensor will immediately activate 200MP mode so that the photos captured are not overexposure and clearer.

Then, when taking photos in lowlight conditions, the sensor will automatically change to 50MP or 12MP mode, where Tetra2pixel combines the closest pixels into one larger pixel to capture more light, so that the images remain sharp and detailed even in low light conditions.

So, the camera technology that can adapt in very bright light conditions or dark conditions users can take good quality photos without worrying about the photo results having noise to overexposure.

ISOCELL HP2 is also equipped with Super QPD technology to offer next-level auto-focus capabilities, especially in low light conditions. Super QPD allows the ISOCELL HP2 to use all 200 million pixels for focusing, a vast improvement over its predecessor’s 108MP image sensor which could only use 3% of its pixels for focusing.

So, the camera can perform auto-focus faster and more accurately with minimal shutter lag, even in conditions of 1 lux which is equivalent to the condition of a room only lit by a candle.


The Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G is also equipped with Dual Slope Gain (DSG) which allows HDR mode to be used at 50MP resolution, and can be done without the help of a processor. DSG technology is supported by Smart-ISO Pro which is able to combine high ISO and low ISO in one exposure setting when shooting in places with contrasting lighting differences.

That way, the device will get HDR photos that are more vivid, more detailed, and minimally blurry in bright, low light conditions, or a combination of the two. No less interesting, the Galaxy S23 Series 5G is also equipped with Detail Enhancer technology.

This technology can make dark photos result because the backlight conditions become brighter. Likewise when the photos are blurry because you are shooting at a considerable distance, Detail Enhancer is able to make the photos more detailed.


Exclusive Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G Offers

Astrography Nightography
Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G

Wellafter knowing various advanced technologies in Samsung cameras Galaxy S23 Series 5G, now is the time for you to create even more epic night photo and video content using the Galaxy S23 Series 5G.

You can get the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G for IDR 19,999,000 (12GB/256GB), IDR 21,999,000 (12GB/512GB), and IDR 25,999,000 (12GB/1TB). The Galaxy S23+ 5G comes at IDR 15,999,000 (8GB/256GB) and IDR 17,999,000 (8GB/512GB). The Galaxy S23 5G is available at IDR 12,999,000 (8GB/128GB) and IDR 13,999,000 (8GB/256GB). Galaxy S23 Series 5G can be found in online stores and retail outlets.

Do not miss also various special offers by visiting visit consumer launch coming at Pondok Indah Mall II, Jakarta on March 8-12, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta on March 15-19, and Sun Plaza, Medan on March 29 – April 2.

During the consumer launch, consumers can enjoy exclusive offers worth a total of up to IDR 4,100,000 for every purchase of the Galaxy S23 Series 5G. This advantage consists of cashback of up to IDR 2,000,000 for trade-in and purchase with purchase purchases (with accessories and Galaxy wearables).

In addition, consumers also get cashback from bank partners up to IDR 750,000. Plus getting a Samsung Care + smartphone protection facility for 6 months worth IDR 899,000 and free casing worth 499,000. For IFor more information about the Galaxy S23 Series 5G, you can see it at [FY/HBS]

Disclaimer: This article is the result of cooperation between and Samsung Indonesia

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