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Motorola shows off the concept of a roll-screen cellphone, here’s what it looks like


Smartphone innovation is getting more and more interesting. After the trend of folding screen smartphones, a smartphone made by Motorola has now appeared that carries the concept of a roll screen.

Quoted The telephone from CNET on Friday (10/21/2022), Motorola’s roll-screen cellphone was first exhibited at the Lenovo Tech World 2022 event. In this event, the uniqueness of the roll-screen cellphone was explained.

Motorola cellphone screens will initially measure 5 inches. However, if the user presses a certain button on the side of the smartphone, the roll of the smartphone screen will open so that the screen size becomes 6.5 inches.

This innovation makes the Motorola HP more compact than the iPhone 13 Mini when it is rolled up. Meanwhile, when the roll is opened, the size of the smartphone almost resembles the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has a screen dimension of 6.7 inches.


The roll-screen cellphone displayed by Motorola seems to confirm the leaked information, which was previously revealed by Evan Blass in May 2022. Evan Blass once mentioned that Motorola is indeed developing a roll-screen phone.

Unfortunately, at the Lenovo Tech World 2022 event yesterday, Motorola did not reveal when its roll-screen cellphone would hit the market.

Motorola only said that the purpose of making a roll-screen phone was to make it easier for users to change the size of the smartphone screen depending on the situation. Despite the lack of information about the launch date, Motorola’s roll-screen cellphone is considered an interesting innovation.

Although Oppo and Samsung are also developing roll-screen cellphones, the screen concept made by Motorola has added value, because the screen can be rolled vertically.


In fact, according to the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Ross Young, a roll-screen cellphone can replace the concept of a folding screen cellphone because it has a thinner size so that it is easier to carry everywhere.

“I think the roll-screen concept has a lot of potential to replace foldable-type devices, because it’s going to be a lot thinner. And it has to be a lot lighter,” explains Ross Young. [NM/IF]

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