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iPhone 14 Will Have Two Notches, Here’s How It Works


Unlike the iPhone notch launched by Apple in previous years, the notch or notch iPhone 14 is said to be performing double. How does it work?

Notch iPhone 14 that appears dual reportedly has a special function. A leaked video shows how the latest iPhone’s dual notch works.

The iPhone 14 lineup will be released on September 7, 2022. Various rumors are milling about, revealing the design and specifications smartphone the new Apple.

Some rumors focus on the alleged dual design cutout new for selfie camera and Face ID. Now, information says there will be a special system.


That system works to blacken the pixels between the two pieces on the front of the iPhone 14, making the entire area appear as one solid piece.

Like The telephone quote from GSM ArenaSunday (4/9/2022), a newly leaked video demonstrates the behavior and reveals how the double notch works.

Apparently, Apple implemented the feature for both aesthetic and functional reasons. The area between the two pieces is likely reserved.

The goal is for the new privacy indicator, which came with iOS 14, to show when an app is actively using the device’s microphone or video camera.

That way, the corners of the screen are freed up to fit more status icons. However, this is still only an analysis. Apple hasn’t confirmed yet.

As per a recent rumor, Apple will use the new cut to redesign the status bar exclusively for the 2022 iPhone 14 lineup.

A number of render has emerged, suggesting that Apple may be returning to a more classic design. One of them includes full battery info.

Industry sources also suggest that Apple will rework the interface of the camera app for better positional control around cutouts.

In particular, the button flash and Live Photo iPhone 14 will be right above the status bar with other settings positioned just below the new cutout.


However, it is not yet clear whether the decision to make the cut “merged” with black pixels will become a permanent user setting across the system.

All the mysteries will be revealed when Apple launches the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max on September 7, 2022. [SN/HBS]

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