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Infinix Announces 260W Fast Charging Technology, How Fast is It?


Infinix announced All-Round FastCharge technology based on 260W wired and 110W wireless. Fast charging technology made by Infinix is ​​capable of fully charging the battery in just a few minutes.

quoted The telephone from GSM Arena on Friday (10/03/2023), the FastCharge 260W charging efficiency was 98.5%. Then the 4,400 mAh battery used for testing this technology is claimed to still maintain 90% of its initial capacity even after 1,000 charging cycle.

The charging technology uses a combination of GaN materials and AHB circuit infrastructure with high power density, small size and safe charging control. Regarding the cable material, Infinix developed a cable that can carry up to 13A of current to ensure 260W charging.


Infinix FastCharge 260W

By using FastCharge 260W, Infinix claims this new solution can charge the battery from 0 to 25% for 1 minute and can reach 100% in less than 8 minutes.

Apart from being cable-based, Infinix also introduced 110W Wireless fast charging technology. Infinix All-Round FastCharge 110W is supported by a small coil specially made to reduce internal resistance and reduce the temperature rise of the cellphone when charging.

In addition, a small fan is installed to increase heat dissipation. Installed anyway charger custom-made 110W by design dual-coil for vertical and horizontal filling.

The fast charging speed of 110W is not inferior to the 260W version. It is claimed that this wireless technology is capable of charging from 0 to 100% in 16 minutes.

Infinix All-Round FastCharge-110W

Both the wired and wireless versions of the standard also support reverse charging, bypass charging and multi-protocol charging. The technology is also compatible with other protocols, including Power Delivery 3.0.


Infinix Fast Charging 260W
Display FastCharge 260W (Source: GSM Arena)

It should be noted that the 260W FastCharge technology was exhibited to the public only 9 months after Infinix previously launched the 180W Thunder Charge technology used in the Infinix Zero Ultra.

The company says this new technology is designed to follow its previous technology, which previously used two 8C batteries upgraded to one 12C battery.

As for the 260W and 110W All-Round FastCharge technology, it will be embedded in the latest Infinix Note series which will be released soon this year. [NM/HBS]

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