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Revealed, Android 15 Has Code Name Vanilla Ice Cream


Google is preparing a new version of Android update codenamed “Vanilla Ice Cream”. The codename for Android 15 was revealed through a series of code changes at the Android Trade Federation (Tradefed/TF).

This leaked Android Vanilla Ice Cream code name was reported by Mishaal Rahman tip by TeamB58. As usual, Android code names always use food names.

Google has a “tradition” of using dessert-themed codenames for its Android series. Although the naming itself does not actually have a technically significant meaning.


While there are no leaks on what will be brought with the Android 15 update which will arrive sometime in 2024, Rahman stated that Google is always looking ahead and working on improvements and new features.

If these features don’t make their way into the current build, there’s always a chance that they’ll be pushed into a later update or not make it to the OS at all.

Thus, Android users will have to wait and see what new features and improvements will be brought by “Vanilla Ice Cream” aka Android 15.

To be sure, the codename change on Tradefed indicates that the Android testing framework has been updated with a new version that references directly to the Android 15 codename. It doesn’t provide much information about the update, however.

quoted The telephone from GizmoChinathe code name Vanilla Ice Cream can be predicted with the presence of Android 14 Upside Down Cake.

The first preview of Android 14 was released about a month ago, and there are a number of new features, such as scrolling screenshots, redesigned notifications, and improved privacy settings.


Overall, the leaked Android 15 code name Vanilla Ice Cream is a reminder of the operating system’s tradition of using dessert-themed names that have been used since Android was first introduced.

Apart from that, this is also good news for Android users who want to be curious about the new features and improvements that will be in the Android update. [FY/HBS]

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