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Here are 3 Practical Ways to Download MP3 Songs from YouTube


YouTube has its own charm that is not presented in various applications streaming music such as Spotify, Joox, or others.

The reason is, this YouTube channel from Google can show various types user generated content or freely uploaded content, such as podcast, tutorial, or live performance.

The difference is, the type of content on YouTube is, of course, in the form of videos. If you want to enjoy YouTube content in the form of audio only, this is fortunately not an impossible thing.

There are many ways you can do to download MP3 files from YouTube. Instead of being curious, we immediately provide several ways download the following easy and practical MP3 songs from YouTube.

Through Browsers


This one method is arguably the most practical and simple method, namely through browser. Some of the advantages of this method are that you don’t need to bother installing applications to download any video, so it saves more quota and doesn’t take up space on internal memory.

In fact, this method is fairly flexible because it can be done on any device such as PCs, tablets, Android and iOS. One site that provides this service is called This site has a user-friendly interface. Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the YouTube site and copy the URL of the video you want to process.
  2. Go to the site Of browser You.
  3. Paste– right the URL address of the video in the column provided. Then click the button “Convert“.
    YTIS COnvert
  4. Select menu “Download“.
    Capture YTis download
  5. Select the save folder to accommodate MP3 or MP4 files that will bedownloadthen click Save.

With the presence of sites like, now you no longer need to bother installing applications to enjoy podcast or live performance in MP3 or MP4 format. This method is also guaranteed to run using any browser on all devices.


One more web browser another that can easily convert Youtube videos to MP3 and MP4 for free, namely It doesn’t take long, because in just a few minutes you can download and save the YouTube videos you want in MP3, MP4 or any other format on your device. Here’s the tutorial:

download youtube to mp3 (Copy)
  1. Go to the YouTube site and copy the URL of the video you want to process.
  2. Open the site. Paste-kan the video URL address in the column provided. Then click the button “download“.
copy link youtube (Copy)

4. After that, you can select download format available from MP3, MP4 or other formats.

savelink as youtube mp3 (Copy)

5. Right click on the download buttonand select “Save link as” to save the download results in the location you want. Finally, click “Save” to complete the process.

Apart from YouTube videos, you can also convert or download videos from platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on to MP3, MP4, as well as other formats via With interface which is easy and practical, immediately download your favorite videos for free.

Melalui Software PC (YT Saver)

Not just late websiteyou can download MP3 songs from YouTube using software PC. One of software available is YT Saver. It’s easy, you can directly download your favorite songs on YouTube by following these steps:

YT Saver 1-1_
  • Unduh YT Saver on the official site. Then, install the application on your PC/laptop.
  • Find the song you want to download from YouTube. If you have, copy the video link, then enter YT Saver and paste linkit in the application. YT Saver will download the video automatically.
YT Saver 2-1_
  • Please convert video to MP3. Open tab “Conversion” di YT Saver. Press “+” button to add the video file that was downloaded earlier.
YT Saver 3-1_
  • Find the file on your PC/laptop. Next, press “Open” to convert videos.
YT Saver 4-1_
  • Hit the convert button as seen in the image above.
YT Saver 5-1_
  • Select tab audiofollowed by the MP3 file format. Don’t forget to specify the audio quality, OK? For example, the Caris signal team chose quality high (320 kbps).
  • Press “OK” button to continue conversion. Please wait until the process is complete.

You can check the status of the audio being converted at tab “Converting”. If the process is complete, the file will go to tab “Converted”.

Software it offers easy to download and convert files to MP3 from YouTube. Unfortunately, in vogue free trial, you can only download and convert files 3 times a day. As for downloading a playlistis only allowed once.

If you subscribe to the paid version, you can also use a special button converting without the hassle of opening a lot tab. If interested, the subscription fee is around IDR 500,000. This license is valid for life, yes. This application can convert various video and audio file formats. YT Saver is available for Windows and MacOS.

Via Android Device (InsTube)

Don’t have time to turn on the laptop? Don’t worry, you can still download MP3 songs from YouTube with only a cellphone or tablet device. The method is the same as the previous method.

One of the applications that can be used to download songs from YouTube on cellphones is InsTube. This application can be downloaded for free and offers a variety of features that are quite complete as well. Apart from downloading songs from YouTube, this application also supports a variety of more than 100 platform others, and features video downloads up to 4K resolution. Let’s see the following steps!

  1. Visit the InsTube download page past browser on your cellphone.
  2. Do tap on the button “Download” as follows.
    how to download mp3 songs from youtube 8
  3. Once you’ve finished downloading the InsTube app, you should install it first. If available pop-up warning you about the dangers of installing from unknown sources, select the menu “Allow Once“.
  4. If the app is already installed, open YouTube on the cellphone then visit the video page that you want to download in MP3 format.
  5. Tap on logos share like the picture below.
    how to download mp3 songs from youtube 9
  6. Select menu “Download with InsTube” among other options.
    how to download mp3 songs from youtube 10
  7. Wait until the entire web view loads successfully, then press the button “Download” as below.
    how to download mp3 songs from youtube 11
  8. InsTube will display a selection of available resolutions and formats. To download YouTube in MP3 format, select the MP3 format then tapFast Download“.
    how to download mp3 songs from youtube 12
  9. To see which MP3s you have successfully downloaded, visit the “My Files” by doing tap on the symbol in the upper right corner.
    how to download mp3 songs from youtube 13
  10. Happy! You have successfully downloaded the MP3 file of a YouTube video! The files marked below are the MP3 files of the videos we managed to download. You can also manage downloaded files such as deleting them from the list, removing them from the memory card, committing playshare it to social mediaetc.
    how to download mp3 songs from youtube 14

So, those were various ways to download YouTube songs in the form of MP3s. The Caris Signal team deliberately provides more than one method so that you can still do it regardless of your current condition – whether you’re using a PC or cellphone.

Which way do you prefer? What is clear, if you want complete features, using an application is indeed the best way. But if you prefer flexibility, download MP3s from YouTube using browser much more practical. Good luck!

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