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Fake Galaxy S23 Ultra Moon Photo? This is Samsung’s Explanation


Samsung is being hit by an unpleasant issue, because it is alleged that the photo of the moon from the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera is fake. Responding to this accusation, Samsung also explained how the 100x Space Zoom feature on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can photograph the moon.

This problem started with a Reddit user named “ibreakphotos” who doubted the authenticity of the moon photos from the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera.

According to him, the photos of the moon that look almost perfect are not entirely fake, but the photos are also not entirely authentic. To prove his accusations, he conducted several stages of testing.


The first thing he did was download a high-resolution photo of the moon from the Internet, then reduced the resolution to 170×170 pixels. After that, he added a Gaussian blur (software photo processor to give the image a blur effect) to remove all the details in the moon image.

Then he displayed the moon’s image on his computer monitor screen with mode full screen, thus making the moon image blurry and pixelated, not looking like the moon. Then he took a picture of the moon that was on the monitor earlier, and showed that the results were much better and clearer, with details like photos of the moon produced by other Space Zoom features.

Reported The telephone from GSMArenathe technology giant from South Korea immediately responded to these accusations, by providing an explanation of the camera process on the Galaxy S23 Ultra when capturing images of the moon.

Samsung makes it clear that they are taking advantage of Scene Optimizer, AI Deep Learningand Super Resolution to capture a photo of the moon from the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera. The moon shot will be directly activated when the user wears Scene Optimizerand zoom above 25x.

 Samsung's Moon shot is Scene Optimizer, Super-resolution and AI magic

Then AI Deep Learning will immediately work on recognizing the moon object to load details and also the shape of the moon, then Super Resolution will implement processing multi-frame to perfect the results of the moon picture.

It can be concluded that the moon photos from this latest Samsung cellphone use various technologies, such as Scene Optimizer, Super Resolution, and AI Deep Learning.

This technology was actually just introduced by Samsung, because this technology has also been implemented since the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has 100x capabilities Space Zoomand of course it’s not just Samsung that uses it.

 Samsung's Moon shot is Scene Optimizer, Super-resolution and AI magic


Basically, the results of this month’s photos are not technically fake, but the results of these photos can be even better because there has been an improvement from AI technology in the smartphone camera.

Even though the photos are good (for now), the actual moon photos from the Galaxy S23 Ultra are still not very mature. But it’s not impossible, this technology will continue to develop and get better in the future.

To be sure, to be able to get a perfect photo of the moon, you still need a very large lens, a tripod, and an expensive special camera to get a perfect picture of the moon, like a telescope shot.


Talking about photos of the moon using the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera, team The telephone I have also tried taking photos of the moon using this best camera Samsung cellphone. The results you can see above.[FY/HBS]

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