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Delivery of HP, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, et al Laptops Compact Down


HP, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and other laptops all experienced a decline in global sales in the third quarter of 2022. Counterpoint’s latest report noted a double-digit drop in shipments.

Like The telephone quote from Gadgets360In the third quarter of 2022, global laptop shipments fell by 15.5 percent YoY, with a total of 71.1 million units.

In the same quarter of this year, several major laptop brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus and others recorded a decrease compared to shipments in the same quarter of 2021.


Apple is the only laptop brand among the top manufacturers to excel in the shipping sector, when compared to the same quarter a year earlier.

A recent Counterpoint study reported that weak demand, in both the consumer and commercial markets, was the reason for the decline in sales of several well-known brands globally.

Some of the other reasons listed for the YoY data is the shrinking of purchases by companies, due to the current economic uncertainty conditions in various countries.

Not to mention the increase in promotional activities by manufacturers that have a significant impact on the laptop revenue market, according to Counterpoint.

Individually, Apple was the only laptop brand to outperform this quarter, with shipment growth of seven percent.

While HP recorded a decline of 26.5 percent YoY, and became the highest among other manufacturers. The company’s market share is 18 percent with a total shipment of 12.7 million units.

On the other hand, Asus faced a 9 percent YoY drop in shipments in the third quarter of 2022. Then, Lenovo experienced the same problem by recording a decline of up to 16 percent YoY.

While Dell experienced a decline of 20 percent YoY for the quarter. This laptop manufacturer managed to sell 12 million units with a global market share of 17 percent.

Overall, this year, the number of laptop shipments worldwide from various manufacturers will decrease compared to the same period last year. This condition is not surprising considering that consumers’ purchasing power is still weak after being economically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


There is hope that the global laptop market share will increase next year. However, hope could be dashed as a recession prediction.

Apple may still be the only manufacturer that will perform best in 2023, continuing to perform in 2022. [SN/HBS]

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