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Apple Watch Ultra Proves to be Sturdy, But Hard to Repair


The Apple Watch Ultra watch is built for outdoor adventures. But, what if the watch breaks and needs repair?

According to iFixit, like The telephone quote from Engadget, as of Wednesday (28/9/2022), Apple watches Ultra models are not significantly more repairable than other models. In fact, this smartwatch is not easy to repair yourself.

iFixit has completed the video teardown about repair of Ultra model watches. Even though the watch has an external screw on the back, the user will damage the waterproof gasket if you open it yourself, especially without technique.


Not only that, users also don’t even think about going through the front. Because, it is very difficult to avoid screen damage, at least without the help of special tools.

It is also difficult to access the battery and other components. Teardown iFixit illustrates just how big the stack is speaker in Ultra models compared to Series 8.

In fact, if you have never used the siren feature it was intended for speaker This will help the quality of calls and other audio.

Still, iFixit is optimistic the Watch Ultra represents a path to more repairable Apple watches. However, iFixit does not know when it will be realized.

Apple Watch Ultra is the latest smartwatch made by Apple which was released at the event titled “Far Out”, 7 September 2022 local time.

Apple Watch Ultra has a special ability to measure the temperature of the water when the user is diving, swimming, and doing various other water sports.

These privileges are obtained thanks to new functionality, added durability, and the latest Depth application that comes pre-installed on the Apple watch.

Apple Watch Ultra is claimed to be the most powerful Apple Watch with features and design elements designed specifically for swimmers, divers, and athletes.

The Apple Watch is the most water-friendly Apple Watch ever, featuring certification to EN 13319, the international standard for diving accessories.

One international standard for diving accessories in the new watch is the depth gauge that the world’s professional divers often rely on.

While diving, reported MacRumorsdivers can use the new Depth app which shows several key metrics, including depth.


The new Depth app also shows elapsed time, current water temperature, time spent underwater.

When underwater, Apple’s new smartwatch automatically opens the Depth app so users quickly get to important information.

This Ultra smartwatch is priced at USD 799 and is available for pre-order after the “Far Out” event with shipping on September 23, 2022. [SN/IF]

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