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Apple Watch Ultra Can Check Water Temperature While You’re Swimming



 Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s latest smartwatch which was released at an event titled “Far Out”, Wednesday (7/9/2022) local time.

Apple Watch Ultra has the special ability to measure the temperature of the water while the user is diving, swimming, and doing various other water sports.

The privilege is thanks to new functionality, added durability, and the latest Depth app that comes pre-installed on the Apple smartwatch.


Apple Watch Ultra is claimed to be the most powerful Apple Watch with features and design elements specifically designed for swimmers, divers, and athletes.

The Apple Watch is the most water-friendly Apple Watch ever, featuring certification to EN 13319, the international standard for diving accessories.

One international standard for diving accessories in the new watch is the depth gauge that the world’s professional divers often rely on.

While diving, reported MacRumorsdivers can use the new Depth app which shows several key metrics, including current depth.

Like The telephone Quote on Thursday (8/9/2022), the new Depth app also shows elapsed time, current water temperature, amount of time spent underwater.

When underwater, Apple’s new smartwatch automatically opens the Depth app so users can quickly get to important information.

The Ultra smartwatch costs USD 799 and is available for pre-order after the “Far Out” event with shipping starting September 23.

“Inspired by explorers and athletes from around the world, we created Apple Watch for new and extreme environments,” said Jeff Williams, COO of Apple.

Apple Watch Ultra has a different body compared to its predecessors. Casingits made of titanium aerospace. Screen wearable it measures 49 millimeters.

This new watch has GPS multi-band thus providing users with data on the most appropriate distance, speed and route for training and competition.


The battery life can reach 36 hours. Interestingly, there is a new battery optimization feature that can extend up to 60 hours of battery life.

Watch Ultra has three band new. There are Alpine Loops, Ocean Loops, and Trail Loops. Speakerit can sound louder. Also embedded is a new microphone. [SN/HBS]

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