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Apple users Access ChatGPT with MacGPT and WatchGPT


Apple users can now use ChatGPT more easily and concisely with the help of two new applications called MacGPT and WatchGPT. How does it work?

Many companies have adopted artificial intelligence or AI technology into their products. One of the best and currently being discussed is ChatGPT OpenAI.

As we know, the advantage of ChatGPT over OpenAI is being able to answer various questions based on various data. This tool could revolutionize the way we work and communicate.

Just like other technology companies, Apple has also adopted ChatGPT into its products. Now Apple users can also use ChatGPT with the help of two new applications named MacGPT and watchGPT.


Reported The telephone from GizmoChinaMacGPT is a simple and free application for macOS that allows users to quickly access ChatGPT from their menu bar.

By leveraging MacGPT, users can log in to their OpenAI accounts and start conversations with ChatGPT without ever leaving desktop.

This app loads the ChatGPT chat interface in browser weband allows users to ask questions, get answers, and make longer messages easier and more concise.

Apart from that, users can also define shortcuts keyboard to open this application, which makes it more convenient and accessible. On the other hand, if the user likes the app, they can support the developer by paying whatever amount the user wants.

Meanwhile, WatchGPT is an application for Apple Watch devices that allows interacting with ChatGPT directly from smartwatch users.

By using WatchGPT, users can get answers or create messages with ChatGPT without typing, and share the results with others via messaging applications.


The app is easy to access and can even be set to open by just looking at it smartwatch You. WatchGPT on the Apple App Store sells for $ 4.99 or around Rp. 77 thousand.

These two apps bring the power of AI technology to the Apple ecosystem in an easy and simple way to access. Users can take advantage of MacGPT and WatchGPT to use ChatGPT without requiring special training or knowledge.

It’s likely that as AI becomes commonplace in everyday life, apps like MacGPT and WatchGPT will become more popular. [FY/HBS]

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