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Apple-1 Steve Jobs Sells IDR 10 Billion at Online Auction



Apple-1 which is claimed to belong to Steve Jobs has sold for USD 677,196 or around Rp. 10 billion at auction online RR Auction. The first generation of Apple computers had become controversial news because of doubts about its authenticity.

Apple-1 Steve Jobs was initially estimated to sell for USD 500 thousand or approximately Rp. 7.4 billion. In fact, the prototype actually sold well above expectations.

A rare Apple-1 prototype said to be privately owned by Steve Jobs hit the auction block in late July 2022. Bidding closes August 18, 2022.

According to Boston, UK-based RR Auction, the Apple-1 prototype retails for USD 677,196. Other Apple memorabilia was also sold during the auction process.


It includes a first-generation iPhone sealed in a box. Reported Apple Insiderthere is also a tax-free card signed by Steve Jobs.

The Apple-1 computer that is said to be Steve Jobs’ personal property was previously owned by The Byte Shop owner, Paul Terrell. He then put it up for auction.

In early August 2022, the origin of the prototype Apple machine was called into question. A report from Mercury News citing several key witness statements.

From a number of key witnesses, there is the name of the founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak. Wozniak even doubted the true history of the Apple-1 which he said belonged to Steve Jobs.

In a statement, RR Auction rejected the claim. They stated that the board sold at auction matched the 1976 Polaroid image.

The image was captured by Terrell. The executive vice president at RR Auction, Bobby Livingston, tried to explain the commotion about the device.

“After reviewing the images, we both agreed that Paul Terrell shot this prototype Apple-1 while it was still fully operational at the Byte Shop,” Bobby said.

In an email to RR Auction, Achim Baque, who maintains the Apple-1 registry, also supports the idea that the device was the one given to Terrell by Jobs.


“I have no doubt that it was the prototype given to Paul Terrell. I have a very detailed copy of the Polaroid from all sides,” he explained.

Like The telephone quote from Apple Insiderthe winner of the Apple-1 Prototype is a collector in the San Francisco Bay Area who chose to remain anonymous. [SN/HBS]

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