Already Leaked on iOS, Discord will be Available for PS4 and PS5?


The current PlayStation console may soon be integrated with Discord. A leaker claims to have listed the build of the app and posted his findings. This adds to speculation that the feature will be coming to PS4 and PS5 soon.

Discord is the PC’s top application for voice and text communication, which can engage the community through different types of servers, between developers, community of players, and content creators.

Discord has taken over from traditional text forums and other voice programs as applications that support gaming.

Sony and Discord announced their second partnership in 2021, having stopped talks with Microsoft over a possible acquisition at the time.


PlayStation users can use Discord to share their activity feed and link their accounts for future features. However, more features may be available on both platforms later.

The leak comes after months of speculation. When Twitter user advaithj1 posted his findings, he pinned a few screenshots of the latest version of the Discord app on his iOS device.

The screenshot shows the option to “Join Voice on PlayStation”, as well as a list of upcoming PS5 and PS4 features for Discord users. Meanwhile, PS5 users will be allowed to join voice chats and display the games being played.

Meanwhile PS4 users will only be able to view the games they are currently playing, without voice chat integration. The third screenshot prompts the user to log into their PlayStation Network account to unlock the full integration.

Currently, Xbox systems allow full integration for Discord voice and text on the console OS. However, Xbox users must join or initiate a call in the PC app, before being prompted to accept calls to their Xbox console. The Xbox integration is currently in alpha testing via the Xbox Insiders alpha group starting October 19.

Previously, subscribers of the premium Discord Nitro service had received a free trial offer for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, ranging from one month to three months at a time, and specifically for new potential customers.


Since then, Discord recently released Nitro Basic for $2.99 ​​USD, replacing the previous $4.99 tier called Nitro Classic, and saving subscribers a few dollars per month.

Changes started rolling out back in August starting in the UK. Since then it has spread to several other regions and countries, including America.

Will this leak lead to PlayStation integration? Still not certain. But for sure, both PlayStation and Xbox console users really hope it will come true. [FY/HBS]

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