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4 Advantages of ChatGPT-4, the Latest Technology in ChatGPT


OpenAI announced the latest version of ChatGPT named ChatGPT-4. ChatGPT-4 offers a number of advantages over the initial version of ChatGPT supporting technology that has existed since 2022.

Please note that ChatGPT is supported by GPT-3.5 technology. This AI technology is able to provide answers that are quite complete, regarding many things so that its popularity has increased in a short time and it has been flooded with users.

Realizing that ChatGPT’s popularity is still high, OpenAI also updated its application support technology by changing from GPT-3.5 to ChatGPT-4. quoted The telephone from GSM Arena on Friday (17/03/2023), ChatGPT with GPT-4 technology provides various advantages over the previous version.

Especially in terms of answering user questions, which is the basic function of this technology.


4 Advantages of ChatGPT-4

There are at least 4 advantages of ChatGPT-4. These various advantages are certainly very useful for users of these smart applications. The four advantages referred to are as follows.

1. Be able to ask questions in the form of pictures

So far, ChatGPT users have only been able to ask questions by writing sentences of text. However, thanks to GPT-4 it has multimodal capabilities that allow users to provide questions in the form of text and images.


By posting some pictures and asking questions, later ChatGPT-4 will answer them. For example, like the picture above which explains the Lightning cable which is shaped like a VGA cable.

2. ChatGPT-4 is Smarter

The new model is also smarter, the OpenAI team tested it with bar exam books from 2022 and 2023. Please note that the GPT-3.5 version only knows some information that is happening in the world until September 2021.

As a result GPT-3.5 gets the bottom 10% score. Whereas GPT-4 scores in the top 10%. GPT-4 also scored in the 88th percentile on the LSAT Test, while the previous version was ranked 40th. On the SAT Math Test, GPT-4 is in the 89th percentile and GPT-3.5 is in the 70th percentile.

3. Reducing Usage Dependence

GPT-4 is supported by the Steerability feature, so that OpenAI can control AI behavior more. This feature is embedded because so far ChatGPT has been forced to become a digital assistant so they often provide information that makes users even more lazy to find information.

For example, when asked about math problems. Then this AI chatbot immediately answered correctly. It is feared that this behavior will make users too dependent on AI.

So Microsoft and OpenAI created a Steerability feature that can control AI style and tasks with system messages. Examples below. When GPT-4 is asked about a math problem, the application immediately answers and invites users to think about doing it themselves.


4. Safer

The advantage of the latest ChatGPT or ChatGPT-4 is that it is more secure than the previous version. Apart from that, they have involved many experts in the development of this AI technology in order to increase the security and accuracy of ChatGPT-4 answers.


GPT-4 is still in ChatGPT apps only. As for GPT integrated with Bing and Microsoft Edge, GPT-4 technology is still in the preview stage.[NM/HBS]

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