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3 Ways to Screenshot on vivo V25 5G, V25e, and V25 Pro 5G


vivo V25 is a mobile phone mid-range with the advantage of a capable camera for making videos cinematic. Even though the focus is on the camera, this cellphone is still equipped with chipset and big RAM. As a result, this cellphone is also comfortable to use for work or play game.

Well, for those of you who like it browsing and play game with vivo V25 5G, you will sometimes find interesting things or important information that needs to be saved or shared with others. You no longer need to bother writing it down on a piece of paper.

The reason is, Vivo already has features screenshot which is in each of his HP. With this feature, you can take what is on the screen and save it as an image. So when you have free time, you can look back at that important info through the HP gallery.

Well, in the following, the Cari Signal team will discuss several ways to take screenshots on this Vivo cellphone. In fact, this method can also be used on the Vivo V25 Pro and Vivo V25e.

Here’s how screenshot in vivo V25 series that you can try.

Common Way Screenshot by vivo V25 Series

Just like other Vivo cellphones, the Vivo V25 5G is equipped with a feature-rich Android system, including features screenshot Android default. It’s just that in this series the FunTouch 12 interface is based on Android 12.

Because this cellphone uses the Android 12 system, you can also use the general method screenshot which is usually done on other Android phones. Here are the steps to take screenshot which is common in vivo HP.

1. Using Physical Keys


The first step, find the article or thing you want to save. Show on the HP screen. Next to do screenshotyou just have to push the button power then volume down next to the body at the same time.

Press and hold both physical buttons until the screen appears to flash which indicates that the screenshot has been successfully taken. Do not release both buttons until the screen flashes or you hear a camera sound. If the screen doesn’t flash, it means screenshot failed or incorrect keystrokes.

2. Using Icons in Control Center


In addition to using the general method above, you can do screenshot in vivo V25 5G by using the icon screenshot or S-capture already available in the control center. This method is suitable for use when the physical buttons on your cellphone are damaged or error.

Of course, this way becomes the way screenshot the most popular because it is quite fast and easy compared to you having to bother pressing buttons at the same time.

How to use this feature is after finding the display you want screenshot on the vivo cellphone screen, open the control center by dragging the screen from top to bottom. Then, look for the icon screenshot available. For vivo phones usually display an icon with writing screenshot atau S-capture.

Later when the icon is touched, it will automatically screenshot will take place and the HP screen flashes. Usually, if screenshot successful, a notification will appear and the results of the image are saved to the album.

3. Screenshot Long

vivo v25 5g

For those of you who want to save long articles or conversations, you can use the screenshot long. The method, make sure the page to be retrieved can be scrolled down.

Then, take screenshot in any way. After result screenshot appears usually will appear too tool bar at the bottom. Well, then select screenshot option length on the toolbar screenshot the. You can scrolling area screenshot to the very bottom. After finishing stay click save.

Lastly, all results screenshot will go to Gallery or Photos. For HP vivo, results screenshot will go to album screenshot. Existence folder This separate section will certainly help you in finding results easily screenshot.

Special way of screenshot on vivo V25 Series

In order to make it easier for users to carry out their activities, Vivo also presents a number of special ways screenshot. You can use this special method if your HP Vivo V25 5G is experiencing error on the physical button and you need to do screenshot rapidly.

Cara Screenshot with Three Fingers

how to screenshot OPPO A57 3 finger gesture_

This first special way is present in several smartphone with a rather new version of the Android system. This method is considered easier to do because you don’t have to press physical buttons or click any icons.

Not surprisingly, a number of the latest smartphones are equipped with this feature because it is faster. However, before you do screenshotyou must first enable this feature.

  • The first step is to activate the feature Gesture.
  • Enter to Settings then select Aditional Settings and select part Button and gesture.
  • Select part Take a screenshot and select Slide 3 fingers down the.
  • Well, to do screenshotyou are enough swiping three fingers You are on the screen from top to bottom.
  • Later if screenshot If successful, the cellphone will vibrate or hear a camera shutter sound.
  • Results screenshot can be directly saved in the gallery in the album screenshot.

Cara Screenshot with Easy Touch Features

Screenshot of vivo y35 easy touch_

This method is a special way screenshot in vivo V25 5G which is easier and faster. You can simply use the Easy Touch feature or Easy Touch.

Later when this feature is active, there will be a ball icon floating on the side of the screen. Well, in the icon there is an option for screenshot screen. Here are the steps.

  • How, go to Arrangement. Then select Shortcuts and accessibility > Easy Touch. Activate the options in this section.
  • If the feature is active it will appear floating icon small ball icon. Well, if this icon is pressed several shortcut keys will appear.
  • You just have to set shortcut key with add icon screenshot screen display quickly.
  • To start screenshot to use the Easy Touch feature, you must go to the desired screen display. After that, you’re enough tap the ball icon and select icon screenshot. Screenshot can be done quickly and easily.

Recommended Screenshot Applications

Sometimes you may need results screenshot which is more optimal or which can beedit in such a way. Then there is no harm in using third-party applications in the Play Store.

Although free, some applications come with complete features including features editing. Indeed, for features editing HP Vivo defaults only have standard tools, so additional applications are needed for results screenshot can be-edit according to the needs.

Well, here are application recommendations screenshot free that you can use on smartphone vivo V25 5G.

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