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10 Ways to Easily Distinguish Original and Fake OPPO


There is a common joke that applies, namely the popularity of a product can be seen if the product has a clone. A joke that is actually a fact of the phenomenon that occurs is an imitation of a well-known product. For example, shoes like Nike or Adidas which have many versions of KW. Even the KW has its own level.

The same applies to technology products, especially smartphones. In the past, cellphones with “supercopy” frills from the Samsung series appeared. Lately, Xiaomi is popular in the community and because of this popularity there are also many fake Xiaomi products circulating.

It’s not just Xiaomi that has fake products aka KW, OPPO’s production phones also have many imitations aka KW. It’s natural to remember marketing OPPO is quite high and aggressive to make HP from OPPO so popular. Not infrequently people who want to buy HP OPPO.

This fact is exploited by irresponsible people by selling fake cellphones which in the outer packaging are labeled with the OPPO brand. Even with a design that is similar to the original OPPO series, consumers who buy fake OPPO cellphones are not too aware and feel that the product is genuine.

Casing Fake OPPO cellphones can be made with a 3D printer engine. For those of you who don’t know, the printer industry has now reached 3D printer technology. That is, we can print an item or product with only 3D printer technology. Individuals may scan (scanning) the original HP OPPO product and then edit and reprint it using a 3D printer machine.

Because from the mere physical appearance of these fake OPPO cellphones, they tend to be similar, so it’s a bit difficult to distinguish which ones are real and which ones are fake if you only look at them at a glance. Those of you who intend to buy an OPPO cellphone and just buy it, of course, have to be careful considering that there are not as few OPPO KW cellphones circulating.

For this reason, Cari Signal will explain how to distinguish genuine and fake OPPO cellphones. The explanation of this difference is of course to help you be more careful when buying an OPPO cellphone. What are the differences? Here’s the discussion.

1. Check IMEI Online

check imei oppo

The easiest way to differentiate between genuine and fake Oppo phones is to check the IMEI number on the cellphone. For your information, the IMEI number is a kind of “identity number” for cellphones. Just like people have a NIK (population identification number), each cell phone has an IMEI number which is different from one another.

Every OPPO HP unit that is officially sold must have its own IMEI number identity. This IMEI number has been recorded and can be checked online. So, when you get or just buy an OPPO HP unit, check the IMEI number on the site Device Authentication OPPO. Enter the IMEI number listed on the OPPO cellphone.

If the IMEI number is registered, of course, the OPPO cellphone is a genuine cellphone. If not, the HP is KW. How to distinguish genuine and fake OPPO is certainly easier to do because the IMEI number is generally already listed in the sales box or can be accessed easily with the code *#06#.

2. Checking with Secret Code “Engineer Mode”

keyboard oppo

How to distinguish genuine and fake OPPO can also be tested using the secret code “Engineer Mode.” This code can be accessed with *#800# from your OPPO smartphone. Later, you will enter “Engineer Mode” with several options testing hardware. You can test covering hardware, connectivity, phone battery, and so on.

Sample testing can be done by viewing the information and testing of the selected part. For example, after entering “Engineer Mode”, you select battery. Later, information about the health of the OPPO HP battery will appear.

If when you check it turns out that there is information that your OPPO HP battery is damaged, it could be that you bought a fake OPPO cellphone. Because I bought a new cellphone but it turned out that the battery was damaged and had to be replaced. You can perform a similar test on other menu options.

3. OPPO HP Specifications


The way to distinguish genuine OPPO and other fakes is to match the specifications of the OPPO HP you bought with the specification information in the sales box. Or to be more valid, you can check the specification information on the official OPPO website. Can be, able to, You bought an OPPO cellphone that apparently doesn’t support 4G networks. Even though the cellphone originally supports 4G.

For example, you buy OPPO F5 Youth. In the form of the packaging there is specification information that the OPPO F5 Youth supports 4G, has 4 GB RAM (there is also a 3 GB RAM variant), and supports a 6 inch screen with an 18: 9 ratio.

When you open the OPPO F5 Youth cellphone that you bought, you can check the specifications by using CPU-Z or an application that provides other spec information. And, it turns out that your cellphone only carries 2 GB of RAM, does not support 4G, and the screen still uses a 16:9 ratio.

You can actually see this screen problem from the screen display. If it’s longer, of course it’s the OPPO F5 Youth because the 18:9 screen ratio is longer than 16:9.

4. Screen Clarity Level

Connecting from point 3 about screen clarity, the original OPPO HP has a good screen brightness level. While fake OPPO phones have a small amount of pixel density. As a result, when playing video, the display screen looks blurry.

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