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10 Best Smartphone Camera Accessories, Make Cool Photos and Videos!


In addition to camera quality, cellphone camera accessories are also one of the main concerns of manufacturers smartphone present time. You can maximize its capabilities with a variety of camera accessories smartphone as a complement to HP photography equipment.

It should be noted that nowadays users do not need to buy expensive professional cameras anymore. Because there is already smartphone the more sophisticated the quality and capabilities of the camera.

Indeed, the quality can not be equated with a DSLR or mirrorless camera. But at least, camera quality smartphone now it can support those of you who like photography and videography.

Well, to support your photography hobby, there are now many HP camera accessories that can be used as HP photography equipment. The presence of these accessories will certainly make it easier for you to take pictures from smartphone.

Additional accessories for smartphone cameras are now on the market. You can choose it according to your needs to support your photography activities.

In the following, we have rounded up 10 camera accessories smartphone which you can use for maximum photo and video results. There anything? Let’s look at the following list.


This is the right timing to activate the HDR feature when taking photos

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1. Tripod

Smartphone camera accessories

Tripods have become a must-have cellphone camera accessory. A tripod makes it easier for you to take pictures more steadily, compared to holding it smartphone directly.

Tripods that exist today are also much more sophisticated. Most recently, the tripod is equipped with Bluetooth, making it easier for you to use additional HP photography equipment.

This allows the user to set up the shooting on the smartphone in a more distant position and do not have to hold smartphone directly.

2. GorillaPod

HP camera accessories

Who does not know this one accessory? Camera accessories smartphone This makes it easier for users to take pictures in various conditions and terrain. No more worrying about finding a flat area to lay on smartphone to be stable.

At first glance, the design is similar to a tripod in general. However, GorillaPod has legs that are “muscular” and can be adjusted as desired.

To make it easier, it can be placed anywhere. Starting from an uneven field, to hanging on a tree branch.

3. Macro Lens

HP photography equipment camera accessories

Smartphone The new era is now equipped with a macro lens, which can be used to take detailed pictures of objects from a very close distance.

However, when smartphone If you don’t have a macro camera feature, you can take advantage of macro lens accessories available in the market.

You can use a macro lens to photograph objects from a very close distance. With the help of a macro lens, you can obtain images with high in-focus detail even when using only smartphone.

This lens is perfect for capturing images such as flowers, insects and other small objects.

4. Water case

cellphone photography equipment

Well, if you can rely on this one HP camera accessory to take photos in the water. Case it protects smartphone You are from the water, so you can freely take pictures in the water.

Smartphone high-end usually comes with IP68 certification, which means it is dust and water resistant.

Well, though smartphone You don’t have IP68, you can still shoot easily underwater with the help watercase.

5. Shutter Bluetooth

cell phone camera accessories

Camera accessories smartphone the last one is shutter Bluetooth. You don’t have to bother looking for other people’s help to capture photos with your family, garden, or loved ones.

This accessory can work optimally when combined with a tripod or GorillaPod.

Before starting a photo session, you must first integrate shutter the smartphone using a Bluetooth connection. Then, determine the distance smartphone with your desired shooting position.

When the shooting position and distance feel right, just press the button shutter to make camera smartphone take your picture. Very easy isn’t it?

6. Mic Shotgun Portabel

cell phone camera accessories

To support capable video recording, not only does it require a sophisticated camera lens, but also accessories to produce the best audio.

To produce good audio, you can use a portable shotgun mic accessory. This HP camera accessory is useful for making audio more focused and clean, and minimizing noise.

7. Earbuds

tool for cellphone camera

Currently, earbuds are not only useful for listening to music. More than that, this device can be used as a mic when recording video via a smartphone.

Just simply connect the earbuds to a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can already use the earbuds as a mic to get good audio quality and minimal noise.

8. Fisheye lens

tool for cellphone camera

The next HP camera accessory is a fisheye lens. This lens gives a unique convex touch to the photos. As if the photo was made from a fish’s eye point of view, that’s why it’s called a fisheye lens.

This fisheye lens is portable and universal, so it can be used in various smartphone brands. These accessories have been widely circulated in the market and are sold at affordable prices.

9. Dreadlocks

cellphone photography equipment

For those of you who want to make professional-style videos, the following accessories must be used. dreadlocks smartphone best for making the videos you take more stable and less vibration.

Currently, there are many gimbal accessories available, ranging from affordable prices to expensive ones. Stay adjusted to the funds you have.

10. Selfie Light

cellphone photography equipment

The next accessory is a Selfie Light. This accessory is perfect for those of you who need more lighting when capturing photos or videos using the front camera.

Its use is also quite easy, because it is plug and play. So users have no trouble when learning the use of this one accessory.

So, those are 10 camera accessories smartphone which is guaranteed to make you more comfortable exploring. These accessories can be easily found in the market. Good luck and have fun taking pictures! (HBS)

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