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How to Resize Photos to 4×6 and 3×4


Resizing photos into certain formats such as 4×6 or 3×4 is often needed for various purposes, from official documents to personal needs. In this era of technology, you can change the size of a photo with just a laptop or computer smartphone.

Yes, currently there are many sites online as well as applications available on the Play Store that offer the convenience of changing the size of photos. So, when you need to change the size of a photo to 4×6, 3×4, or another photo size, you can do it yourself.

This time, Carisinyal will provide a tutorial on changing the size of photos via laptop and smartphone. Check out the complete guide here.

Changing Photo Size via Laptop

To resize photos via laptop, you can rely on the free service site which can be accessed via browser. On this occasion, we will try changing the photo size to 4×6. Here are the steps:

Simple 1Simple 1
  • Please select the image you want to resize.
  • Determine the unit of measurement for the photo. Select the unit 'cm', then click the option “Select print size”.
Simple 3Simple 3
  • Scroll down and select “CUSTOM CM”.
Simple 4Simple 4
  • A 4×6 photo when converted to 'cm' units is 3.81cm x 5.59cm. Enter the number and click “Resize Image”.
Simple 5Simple 5
Simple 6Simple 6
  • After the image size has been successfully changed, click “Download” to download the image.

Changing Photo Size via Smartphone

Apart from using a laptop, you can also change the size of photos through the application. There are so many applications for reducing photo size available on the App Store and Play Store. Of the many choices, Carisinyal chose the Photo & Picture Resizer application developed by Farluner Apps & Games.

For example, this time we will change the photo size to 3×4. Still using 'cm' units, the size for a 3×4 photo is 2.79cm x 3.81cm.

This application is free, but to use certain features you have to pay for a premium package or you can replace it by watching advertisements lasting a few seconds. Here is the tutorial:

Resi 1Resi 1
  • After selecting a photo from smartphone you, select “Resize”.
Resi 2Resi 2
  • Continue by selecting the menu “Custom mm, cm, inch”.
Resi 3Resi 3
  • Enter the dimensions 2.79cm x 3.81cm and delete checklist Of “Preserve aspect ratio”. Continue by selecting 300 dpi.
Resi 4Resi 4
  • Take your pick background the photo you want or want to takecrop automatically.
Resi 5Resi 5
  • Photos that have been resized will be immediately saved in the gallery smartphone.
Resi 6Resi 6

These two methods can be used to change photos to various sizes, be it 2×3 or other sizes. For more simpleCarisinyal uses the unit 'cm' to change the size of the photo.

So, that's a guide to easily resizing photos. You also need to pay attention aspect ratioso that the quality of the photo is maintained even though the size has been changed.

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