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Here’s How to Use Wireless Power Share on Samsung HP


As technology develops, smartphone Currently, it is not only equipped with a fast charging feature, several manufacturers have even presented it wireless charging. This technology is expected to make it easier for mobile users to charge.

Interestingly, the Samsung manufacturer presents technology that is rarely owned by other manufacturers, namely Wireless Power Share technology. This is one of the innovations and solutions for Samsung Galaxy cellphone users to help charge other devices for free wireless charging or wireless charging.

So below, the Caris Signal team will review Wireless Power Share, devices that support this technology, and how to use Wireless Power Share on a Samsung cellphone.

What is Wireless Power Share

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In short, Wireless Power Share is an enabling technology smartphone Samsung Galaxy charges other devices without using cables. This technology allows Samsung phones to function as power banks to charge Android phones or other devices that already support Qi technology.

This feature is very useful for those of you who like to do activities using various accessories such as earphone or watches that already support wireless charging. Later, when your accessory device runs out of battery, you can simply use your Samsung Galaxy phone to temporarily charge it.

This Wireless Power Share technology from Samsung is only capable of producing a relatively small 4.5 W of power. Even so, this power is good enough to just charge earphone until smartwatch.

Unfortunately, this feature can only be used if your Samsung cellphone battery is above 30 percent. So you have to make sure that the Samsung cellphone battery is charged above 30 percent more. The reason is, if the cellphone battery is below 30 percent, this feature will automatically turn off.

Which Phones Support Wireless Power Share?

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In these 10 years Samsung continues to develop smartphone Galaxy to a higher level. This can be seen with the presence of Wireless Power Share technology. Well, this Wireless Power Share technology is already available on a number of premium Samsung phones, such as:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 series
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 series
  • The first Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series to the new
  • The first Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series to the new one
  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 series

A number of these Samsung phones come with a fairly large battery capacity. This is of course sufficient to charge enough other accessories batteries until you find a power source to charge it more quickly and comfortably.

Interestingly, apart from Samsung, it turns out that similar technology is also available in other products, namely the Google Pixel 6 Por and OnePlus 10 Pro. The technology presented is more or less the same, only using a different name, namely ‘reverse wireless charging’.

How to Use Wireless Power Share

To be able to start a variety of power wireless, you must first turn on the Wireless Power Share feature on a Samsung cellphone. The method is quite easy.

wireless power share-side_
  1. Go to settings telephone.
  2. Select a section ‘Battery & Device Care’ then after login select ‘Battery’.
  3. Select a section ‘Wireless Power Share’. Make sure it’s active.

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