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Fast and Practical, Try 3 Screenshot Methods on TECNO POVA Neo 2


TECNO POVA Neo 2 comes with the advantage of a jumbo battery that makes the cellphone durable in use. Apart from that, the wide screen and the current Android system make this cellphone not only suitable for smartphones gaming but also multitasking application for work.

Well, you know what? Even though this TECNO cellphone is called a cheap gaming cellphone, it turns out that this cellphone has various ways to take important screenshots that you can find in everyday use.

Therefore, in the following, the Caris Signal team will discuss several ways to do this screenshot on this TECNO POVA Neo 2 phone. Here’s a way you can try.

General Screenshot Method on TECNOPOVA Neo 2

If you have just bought the HP TECNO POVA Neo 2, you will be used to using the features on this HP, including the features screenshot. The reason is, this cellphone uses the current Android system. Even though it is equipped with modern features, this TECNO cellphone is still equipped with methods screenshot common or traditional way. Here are some steps.

1. Using Physical Buttons

All you have to do is search for the info or part you want to save and then display it on the cellphone screen. Next, you simultaneously press the combination power and volume down button on the side body. Hold both physical buttons for 2 seconds until the screen flashes and a sound appears, indicating that screenshot It is already done. Apart from these marks, a preview image will usually appear at the bottom of the screen.

2. Using Shortcut Keys

Apart from the method above, you can use the screenshot shortcut button that is already available in the control center to take screenshot.quickly and easily. This method is suitable for use if the physical buttons on your cellphone are damaged or error.

For the steps, after finding the view you want screenshot on the HP TECNO screen, follow the method below.

  • Open control center by dragging the screen from top to bottom.
  • Find the shortcut key screenshot located on the row of buttons in the control center.
  • When the screenshot button is touched, the screenshot will automatically take place and screen HP is flashing.

3. Long Screenshots

For those of you who want to save long articles or conversations, you can use the method screenshot long. How, as below.

First step, make sure the page to be retrieved can be scrolled down. Then, take it screenshot in the way as above (using shortcut keys) or another way.

Usually when screenshot When finished, a preview image will appear toolbar screenshot. Then select an option scroll capture on the toolbar screenshot.Lastly, you can check the result screenshot by going to Gallery. For HP TECNO POVA, results screenshot will go to the screenshot album. The existence of this separate folder will certainly help you easily find results screenshot.

Special way to screenshot on TECNO POVA Neo 2

If you feel that the general methods above are still not practical, TECNO Mobile also presents a number of special ways to take screenshots on your cellphone. Here is the list.

How to Take a Screenshot with the 3 Finger Swipe Feature

how to screenshot OPPO A57 3 finger gesture_

TECNO managed to add a feature in HIOS that allows users to perform gesture on the screen for various functions. Well, one of them gesture for screenshot.

In HIOS, users can swipe 3 fingers to screenshot quickly. Check out the reviews below:

  • Enable feature slide 3 finger down. Enter the settings then select the additional features menu and select the micro intelligence section.
  • Select a section take a screenshot with slide 3 fingers down.
  • Well, to do screenshotyou are enough swipe three fingers on the screen from top to bottom. Later if screenshot successful, the cellphone will vibrate or sound camera clicking sound. Results screenshot can be directly stored in the gallery in the album screenshot.

How to screenshot with Smart Panel

There is another way screenshot In TECNO POVA Neo 2, it’s easier to use smart panel. This method is considered simpler because there are no buttons and you don’t have to bother moving your hands. In fact, you can take screenshots with just one hand using this feature. Here are the steps.

1. Activate the Smart Panel Feature

How to enter TECNO POVA mobile settings. Select the Additional features menu > Smart Panel. Then you just need to activate the feature.

If the Smart Panel feature is active, a thin straight line will appear on the right or left side of the screen. Now, if this line is shifted towards the screen, several shortcut keys will appear, one of which is useful for screenshots.

If you find that there is no icon for screenshots, you can add or remove shortcut keys on the smart panel first.

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