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Twitter Users Can Now View Their Tweet Bookmark Count


Twitter users on iOS can currently monitor or see directly how many other users have bookmarked or marked their tweets directly.

As is known, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world that users can use to post short messages, commonly known as tweets, which contain 280 characters or more for Blue Twitter users.

The tweet can also contain text, photos, videos, and links to other websites. This platform is known for its real-time nature, making it a vessel for conveying information quickly. And users can bookmark or mark tweets from other users so that they can be accessed easily again.


Currently, Twitter users on iOS can track and monitor or see how many people have marked or bookmarked their tweets through the latest update on the Apple App Store, according to a report from Gizmochina.

The addition of this new Twitter feature complements the platform’s existing metrics, such as users being able to see the number of likes, retweets, and quotes, which gives users an overall view of the popularity or reach of their tweets.

However, as previously mentioned, this new Twitter feature is only available on the iOS platform, and until now there is no information on when the feature will be available on Android or the web version.

On the other hand, regarding the security of user accounts, Twitter has ensured that bookmarks remain private to users, and the identity of those who saved the tweets will not be disclosed.


This new feature can prove to be useful for content creators and companies who can use metrics to evaluate how useful their posts are, so they can refine their content to reach a wider audience.

Despite the benefits of Twitter’s new feature, it may not generate as much buzz as before, given the platform’s recent focus on outage issues and the introduction of paywalls for text-based two-factor authentication. [FY/HBS]

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