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Passing the TKDN requirements, Vivo iQOO will enter Indonesia soon


Sub-brand Vivo, namely iQOO, will enter the Indonesian market. Because the smartphone product iQOO or I Quest On and On has obtained a TKDN certificate from the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin).

Based on team monitoring The telephone On the TKDN website of the Ministry of Industry on Tuesday (18/10/2022), there are 3 products that are suspected to be HP Vivo iQOO which already have Domestic Component Level (TKDN) certification.

The first is the product with the brand code iQOO I2009, it has pocketed the certificate number 278/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/3/2021 which was issued on March 1, 2021. The TKDN component of the HP iQOO is worth 36.01%.

The second is a product with the brand iQOO I2209. This latest Vivo cellphone has obtained 4547/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/9/2022 which was issued on September 20, 2022. The TKDN component of iQOO I2209 is 35.98%.

The third is a cellphone with the code iQOO I2212, which managed to get the TKDN certificate number 5459/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/10/2022, which was released on October 17, 2022. The TKDN component of the iQOO I2212 is 35.98%.


TKDN iQOO Indonesia
iQOO TKDN Certificate

In addition to already having a TKDN certificate from the Ministry of Industry, other evidence that strengthens the issue that iQOO will enliven the Indonesian market is the presence of iQOO’s official social media in the country.

Through an official statement received on Tuesday (18/10/2022), iQOO has social media accounts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These accounts are deliberately created to interact with consumers in Indonesia.

“iQOO launched its social media account in Indonesia as a means to communicate with consumers and open a space for discussion and exploration of all the technological breakthroughs presented by iQOO,” wrote iQOO.

Through their official social media accounts, the Vivo sub-brand will provide official information about various iQOO products that will be marketed in Indonesia.

“Now iQOO is here! Yes, iQOO is here to embody enthusiasm for high-mobility technology. iQOO offers new technological breakthroughs to satisfy the Indonesian market,” he continued.

We also checked one of the official iQOO accounts in Indonesia, precisely on Instagram, with the account name @iqoo_id. The account doesn’t have many followers yet, and has only posted one video, regarding iQOO’s presence.


iQOO Indonesia
Akun Instagram @iqoo_id

At least this TKDN certificate and social media accounts are proof that soon iQOO will enliven the smartphone market in Indonesia, which is currently crowded with various brands. [NM/HBS]

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