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How to Set the Clock on a Laptop with Windows OS


Setting the right time on your laptop is essential to ensure that all functions run smoothly, including task scheduling, data synchronization, and reminders. Windows provides options to set the time either automatically or manually.

If you buy a new laptop or want to reset the time on your laptop, Carisinyal will provide a step-by-step guide to setting the clock on your laptop automatically and manually. Check out the complete tutorial here.

Set Time Automatically

For laptop users with the Windows operating system, setting the clock automatically is a very practical option. In the future, you no longer need toupdate current time because the clock setting system will remain currentupdate even though the operating system has just been updated.

Here's how to set the clock on a laptop automatically:

  • Open Settings: Click on the icon Startthen select “Settings” (Settings) or press Windows + I.
Oto 1Oto 1
  • Select Time & Language: From the settings menu, select “Time & Language” (Time & Language).
Oto 2Oto 2
  • Enable Auto Set: Di tab “Date & Time” (Date & Time), activate the option “Set time automatically” (Set time automatically). Also make sure”Set time zone automatically” (Set time zone automatically) is enabled for automatic time zone adjustment.
Oto 3Oto 3
Oto 4Oto 4

Setting Time Manually

If you prefer to set the time on your laptop manually, you can also follow the tutorial below:

  • Access Time Settings: Click on the icon Startthen select “Settings” (Settings) or press Windows + I.
Manual 1Manual 1
  • Disable Auto Set: Turn off the “ optionSet time automatically” by swiping toggle to the left.
Manual 2Manual 2
  • Set Time Manually: Click on “Change” under “Set the date and time manually” (Set the date and time manually). Enter the desired time and date, then click “Change” to save the settings.
Manual 3Manual 3

By following the steps above, you can easily manage the time on your laptop, either automatically or manually, to ensure that all your digital activities run on time.

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