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Get to know Fedioli’s fake cellphones and tips to avoid them so you don’t buy the wrong one


Some people think that buying luxury goods is a therapy. Luxury goods are like HP flagship from a number of well-known brands. There is a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and pride when people manage to own luxury goods.

However, not everyone has “thick pockets”. Then there are two options, save patiently so you can buy a cellphone flagship dream, or take a shortcut by buying an HP Fedioli.

Taking a shortcut by buying an HP Fedioli is not wrong if you know very well about the items you are buying. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t realize that the cellphone they are buying is an HP Fedioli.

What is HP Fedioli?

fedioli's phone

People used to have the term replica, imitation, copycat, up to KW Super. That’s Fedioli’s HP. In essence, this cellphone is a fake that looks like a model from a brand. The name is also made similar, so that it can make ordinary people deceived.

In Carisignal’s search, Fedioli referred to a company called Shenzen Feidioli Trading Co. This company actually produces a variety of supporting accessories smartphone. They make chargerdata cable, earphonecase, power bankand others.

However, they also make cell phones (replicas). The Fedioli brand is registered with Shenzen Feidioli Trading Co. in September 2021. So this company is relatively new. Only, not much information can be obtained. Address and website The company was not found.

Why does HP Fedioli exist?

fedioli's phone

An item is created because there is a demand. Some manufacturers are also new to creating a market after releasing a product. In our view, the HP Fedioli falls into the first category. It exists by request.

Fedioli’s HP is there to quench the thirst of people who want to experience having HP flagship at a low price. Also for those who want to collect replica phones. This type of consumer clearly knows what HP Fedioli is, so they will tend to overlook its functionality.

However, the existence of Fedioli’s HP would clearly violate the rules if it was labeled as a genuine HP. Meanwhile, there are many potential buyers who do not really know about the goods they are going to buy.

Whole marketplace online really forbid seller selling counterfeit goods. Only, there’s only seller rogue that escapes the filter. Therefore, it is important for you to be vigilant.

Features of HP Fedioli

fedioli's phone

The following are five characteristics that stick to the HP Fedioli. Watch carefully.

1. Weird Product Names and Fonts

HP Fedioli generally imitates the shape smartphone-smartphone flagship. For example, Samsung Galaxy S Series, OPPO Find X Series, and vivo X Series. However, it is not uncommon for middle-class HP models to be copied.

Not only copying the model, HP Fedioli also copied the name. Not exactly the same, but the name can be characterized. For vivo brand, for example, some seller the honest generally write with “v1v0”. The OPPO brand is typed with “0PP0”, while Samsung’s copied phones are directly written with the model name.

In this case it’s like, “Galaxy Note 10”, “S21 Ultra”, or “A73 5G”. Different from seller which is dishonest. They wrote the HP Fedioli’s name the same as the plagiarized model. Cases like this you should watch out for!

However, you don’t have to worry. The reason is, HP Fedioli whose name is exactly the same as the HP copy usually uses font which is strange, different from the brand imitated. In addition, they generally embellish their products with “HP washing warehouse” or “cheap HP”.

2. The price is slanted

You certainly know that HP flagship impossible to have a slanted price. For example, the OPPO Find X5 Pro has a release price of Rp. 14 million. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is priced starting at IDR 17 million.

Therefore, when there is HP flagship new – isn’t it refurbishno secondand not reconditioned – which sells for hundreds of thousands or 1 million, it is certain that it is an HP Fedioli.

3. Specifications Description Not Conforming

Fair buying and selling is when someone receives something that is in accordance with the nominal he spends. This understanding would fit when one found out that the item he bought was Fedioli’s HP.

However, what if not? Of course there will be disappointment. He felt like he was being cheated because of some seller HP Fedioli includes a non-conforming specification description. They are just picking up the description of the HP model specifications that were plagiarized.

For example, in the description it says that the internal memory capacity is 128 GB, it turns out that after checking it is not up to half. Likewise with other discrepancies such as RAM capacity, battery, number of cameras, type of SoC used.

4. Poor Phone Performance

Incompatible specifications are one of the reasons why HP Fedioli’s performance is poor. In fact, when compared to entry-class HP at the same price, the HP Fedioli’s performance is still worse. Not infrequently those who have bought HP Fedioli feel very disappointed.

Various complaints flooded the product comments column. Some say the battery runs out quickly, the shots are bad, so the phone gets hot easily. Worse yet, some say that mandatory applications such as WhatsApp fail to run.

5 Build Quality is Not Good

The company that makes HP Fedioli doesn’t seem to have high quality standards like Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO, realme, Huawei, and other Chinese brands. That’s why Fedioli’s HP has build quality which is from the word good.

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