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Easy and Fast! These are 3 ways to take screenshots on Infinix Note 12


Infinix is ​​well-known as a producer of mobile phones with wide screens that are comfortable to play game nor browsing. This will certainly make it easier for you who like to take screenshot because the HP screen is wider.

If you recently got or purchased a new or used Infinix Note 12 phone, you may be wondering how to get the screenshot on this HP infinix.

In the following, the Carisignal team will discuss several ways to do this screenshot on the Infinix Note 12 phone. Here’s how you can try.

Common Way Screenshot of Infinix Note 12

If you are used to using Android phones, of course you will be familiar with screenshots on HP Infinix. The reason is, HP Infinix also uses the Android 11 system with the XOS 10.6 interface.

Nah, this first method is a common method that can be done on other Android phones. Here are the steps to take screenshot easy and fast on HP Infinix Note 12.

1. With Physical Button

infinix note 12_

Almost all Android phones can use the screenshot this. You just search for the thing you want to save. Show on your HP screen. Then, you just need push the button power and volume down next to the body at the same time.

Press and hold both physical buttons for 2 seconds until the screen appears to flash indicating that screenshot It is already done. Do not release both buttons until the screen flashes. If the screen doesn’t flash, it means that the screenshot failed or the keystrokes didn’t fit right.

2. Using Shortcut Keys

If the above method is difficult, you can use the button screenshot already available in the control center. This method is suitable for use when the physical buttons on your cellphone are damaged or error. Of course this is the way screenshot which is quite fast and easy compared to bother pressing the buttons together.

After finding the display you want screenshot on the HP Infinix screen, open control center by dragging the screen from top to bottom. Then, search shortcut key screenshot which exists. Later when the button screenshot touched, then automatically screenshot will take place and the HP screen flashes.

The thing to note here, you have to make sure the system on the HP Infinix is ​​the latest Android system and runs normally. Because in some cases, this shortcut feature only appears after you do update.

3. Long Screenshots

infinix note 12 vip

For those of you who want to save long articles or conversations, you can use the screenshot long. The method, make sure the page to be retrieved can be scrolled down. Then, take screenshot in the same way as above or otherwise. Usually when screenshot done a toolbar will appear screenshot. Then select option scroll capture on the toolbar screenshot.

Finally, you can check the results screenshot by going to the gallery. For HP infinix, results screenshot going into album screenshot. Existence folder This separate section will certainly help you in finding results easily screenshot.

Special Way Screenshot of Infinix Note 12

To make it easier for users, Infinix also presents a number of special ways screenshot. This special method is useful when HP is experiencing error on the physical button and you need to do screenshot.

Cara Screenshot by Moving Hands

samsung galaxy A13 cara scenshot gesture tech2rise.com_

This particular method is indeed present in some smartphone with a rather new version of the Android system as in this Infinix Note 12. This method has become one of my favorite ways because it is considered easier to do and does not have to press physical buttons.

However, before you do screenshotYou must first enable this feature in phone settings.

  • The first step is activate features palm swipe to capture. Go to settings then select advancedand select part Movement or Gesture.
  • Select part palm swipe to capture the.
  • Well, to do screenshotyou are enough moving hand on screen from right to left or vice versa.
  • Later if screenshot succeed, The cellphone will vibrate or hear a camera click sound.
  • Results screenshot can be directly saved in the gallery in the album shortcut.

How to take a screenshot with the 3 finger swipe feature

how to screenshot OPPO A57 3 finger gesture_

In addition to the several screenshot methods above, there is also a way screenshot In Infinix Note 12, it is easier and faster to use the 3-finger swipe feature. Here are the steps.

  • The first step is activate features slide 3 finger down. Go to settings then select Additional settings and select the button and gesture.
  • Select part slide 3 fingers down the.
  • Well, to do screenshotyou are enough swiping three fingers You are on the screen from top to bottom.
  • Later if screenshot succeed, The cellphone will vibrate or hear a camera click sound.
  • Results screenshot can be directly saved in the gallery in the album shortcut.

Recommended Screenshot Applications

Sometimes, you need results screenshot which is better or which can beedit in such a way. Then there is no harm in using third-party applications in the Play Store. Although free, some applications come with complete features including features editing.

Well, here are application recommendations screenshot free that you can use on smartphone Infinix Note 12.

1. Screenshot Easy

Screenshott easy_

As the name implies, this is one of the applications screenshot which is easy to use, so it gets quite a lot of positive responses from Android users. This free application is light in size but has complete features.

The advantage of this application is, You only need to tap the camera-shaped icon to do screenshot. In addition, this application also has a feature to shake the cellphone to take pictures screenshot. User interfaceit’s also minimalistic and easy to understand.

This application also provides facilities edit which is quite good. You can use the app to take screenshot web pages, movies to game.

When we tried the Cari signal team, this application was quite easy and fast when using the way of clicking the camera icon. However, when trying to shake the HP, there is still a slight delay in taking screenshot. Even some times can’t screenshot. However, this application is quite easy to use compared to other applications. Download the app here.

2. Screenshot Pro

Screenshot pro_

Screenshot Pro quite a lot downloaded by Android users because it has features screenshot easy one with good editing features. With this application, you canedit results screenshot as you wish. You can even add additional images to text in the results screenshother.

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