6 Pros and Cons of the Apple MacBook Air M2 15


In 2022, Apple released the 13-inch MacBook Air M2. There are no other screen sizes. However, at the WWDC 2023 event, Apple officially launched the MacBook Air M2 with a new screen landscape. The new variant is the MacBook Air M2 with a 15-inch screen.

The presence of this laptop can be an alternative for users who need a lighter MacBook but with a larger screen.

Previously, users could only “surrender” using the MacBook Air M2 product at a size of 13 inches which some people considered too small. The only way for them to use a bigger screen is to choose the Pro variant with a size of 14 inches or 16 inches.

However, the jump in price from the MacBook Air M2 to the Pro M2 is noticeably high. After all, not everyone needs performance as fast as the MacBook Pro M2 and it matches the performance of the Air M2, as long as it’s on a bigger screen.

In addition, the 14-inch and 16-inch options on the MacBook Pro M2 also feel incomplete. The 14-inch screen on the MacBook Pro M2 is only slightly different from the 13-inch MacBook Air M2. While the 16-inch variant is just the opposite do it laptops become bongsor, heavy, and difficult to carry everywhere.

Nah, this is where the 15-inch screen size will feel just right. For small-scale creative industry players such as design students or architects, photographers, to programmerso have additional options that better suit their preferences.

Then, reallypowerful what sih This MacBook Air 15 M2? Is the only difference on offer from 13 inches is the screen size? Eitsmake no mistake, you should first look at the points of advantages and disadvantages in the following table.

*This table can be shifted sideways

Apple M2 processor that performs fast, less throttling

No high refresh rate

One of the world’s lightest 15-inch laptops

The notch is visible, but there’s no Face ID

Stunning screen quality

The price is a bit “responsible”, slightly different from the variant above

Trackpad size increased

Speaker quality has improved

Internal components are difficult to upgrade

Battery life is okay

As seen above, it seems that Apple is trying to take the opportunity to improve several other aspects of the MacBook Air M2 compared to the 13-inch variant, one of which is speaker. For more details, see the advantages and disadvantages of the MacBook Air 15 M2 below.

MacBook Air 15 M2 specifications

macbook air m2 15

15.3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology; 2880-by-1864 native resolution at 224 pixels per inch

Apple M2 Chip, 8-core CPU

8GB Unified memory (up to 24GB)

256 GB and 512 GB SSD (upgradable up to 2 TB)

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.3

MagSafe 3 charging port
3.5 mm headphone jack
Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports

Advantages of MacBook Air 15 M2

In this digital era, of course the need for electronic devices is also increasing rapidly. One of the most worthy glances is of course the MacBook Air 15 M2 which has a myriad of advantages. Anything? Check out the following.

1. Apple M2 Processor with Faster Performance, Less Throttling

Mac Mini M2

Intel was once the processor of choice for Apple in a number of their products. But since the advent of Apple Silicon “M” seriesnow Mac products have a high-speed performance.

The MacBook Air 15 Inch M2, as the name implies, is powered by the Apple M2 processor which was first introduced in 2022. It is the next generation of the Apple M1 which was released two years earlier.

The Apple M2 is packed with four core named performance Avalanche and four core named efficiency Blizzardmaximally clock processor at 3.49 GHz. Apple M2 also relies on a 10-core GPU and hardware neural network named Neural Engine, capable of reaching speeds of up to 15.8 TOPs (trillion operations per second).

Apart from the MacBook Air 15 M2, the Apple M2 chip is also used by a number of other Apple products, such as the 2022 MacBook Air, 6th generation iPad Pro, Mac Mini, and Vision Pro.

The Apple M2 is built on 5 nm TSMC fabrication, which has 20 billion transistors inside which is a 25 percent increase over the Apple M1.

Apple claims that its performance can reach 12x compared to the best MacBook Air that uses an Intel processor. The base variant of this device uses 8 GB of RAM (unified memory) with storage SSD 256 GB.

Reported from Tom’s Guidethe MacBook Air 15 M2 hits the mark Geekbench 5 as many as 1,908 points (single core) and 8,932 points (multi-core). It is stated that the device still feels fast even though it opens 20 tabs browser and play YouTube videos at the same time.

There are two differences between the MacBook Air 15 M2 and MacBook Air 13 M2 in terms of performance. First, the basic variant of the 15-inch device uses a GPU with 10 cores, in contrast to the 13-inch variant which uses an 8-core GPU.

Secondly, thanks to the larger body size, the 15-inch variant seems to have better temperature handling which results in a slight increase in performance. Still, the increase isn’t big enough to be worth considering, at least according to Greg’sGadgets.

On the other hand, performance gaming and rendering on this device it can still decrease in long duration use, because it doesn’t have an active cooling fan in it. That’s the performance of the device after throttling still worth considering faster than competing laptops at the same price.

According to the site Digitaltrends.comThe 15-inch MacBook Air M2 also makes extensive use of chassis which is greater as heatsink so that throttling experienced is still less than the 13-inch variant.

As can be seen, the 15-inch MacBook Air M2 has experienced a decrease in performance after 20 Cinebench R23 Stress Test tests. Unlike the MacBook Pro M2 which does have an active cooling fan, it is able to maintain a consistent score on several tests.

In essence, the MacBook Air 15 M2 is a daily support device with one of the highest performance in the world. From all the sources I have collected, all agree if necessary effort to be able to make this device lag.

2. One of the Lightest 15 Inch Laptops in the World

light macbook air m2 15_

In terms of design, almost nothing is different between the 15-inch and 13-inch variants. Both even come with the same color variant viz Midnight, Starlight, Space Grayand Silver.

What is different, of course, is the size, where the 15-inch variant has a heavier body and larger dimensions. Even so, the MacBook Air M2 is one of the lightest 15-inch laptops in the world, so it can still provide a pleasant experience when traveling far away.

For comparison, the 13-inch variant weighs 1.24 kg while the 15-inch variant weighs 1.5 kg. So, the difference in weight is not that much.

The 15-inch variant also has a thicker body, although only on paper. Yes, the device has a thickness of 1.15 cm which is slightly thicker than the 13-inch variant at 1.13 cm thickness. So little difference, you most likely won’t notice at all.

Few competing 15-inch laptops can beat the portability of the MacBook Air 15 M2. Two of them are the Acer Swift 5 15 which weighs 0.99 kg and the LG Gram 15 which weighs 1.1 kg.

3. Stunning Screen Quality

macbook air 15 m2 layar_

It’s not an Apple product if it’s not packed with amazing screen quality. For this 15-inch variant, it’s not much different from the 13-inch except in terms of size and resolution.

This device is equipped with a panel Liquid Retina Display with a size of 15.3 inches at a resolution of 2,880 x 1,864 pixels. Like the 13-inch version, this one device also has a density of 224 ppi. Apple says the MacBook Air 15 M2 is capable of reaching 500 nit brightness.

There are also other extra features such as support for 1 billion colors and technology True Tone to adjust the screen color to suit the ambient lighting conditions.

On the specs page, the 15-inch and 13-inch variants are not much different. But who would have thought that the test results by Tom’s Guide reveal the opposite fact. Yes, the 15-inch variant displays colors better than the 13-inch one.

macbook air 15m2 screen test_

For example, in the sRGB color gamut where the 15-inch variant reaches 111.4 percent while the 13-inch variant reaches 110.9 percent. Likewise with the delta-E test numbers, the 15-inch variant scores 0.17 while the 13-inch is at 0.22. This means that the MacBook Air 15 M2 can display slightly better color accuracy than the 13-inch version.

Size bezel on this device it is only 5mm, thin enough to be the size of a modern laptop. At least it’s still thinner than the MacBook Air M1, even though it’s not as thin bezel on the MacBook Pro screen.

Which is quite unfortunate is the bangs or notch nested on the top side of the screen. MacBook Air models often offer designs notch like this. The goal is to accommodate webcam 1080 resolution for purposes video meeting.

The MacBook Air 15 M2 screen is also not supported touch screenso that it can hinder a number of creative actors who are accustomed to drawing using stylus.

Apart from these things, the screen of this device remains one of the best for content creation and graphic design purposes. Editing using this MacBook is definitely fun, with colors that are so accurate, sharpness is amazing, and presents a view ultra crisp which is really easy on the eyes.

4. Size Trackpad Increased

This might be one of those minor advantages, but it still enhances the user experience. Yes, the MacBook Air 15 M2 has size trackpad which is larger than the 13-inch variant. This seems to be the positive impact of a slightly widened body size.

As someone who prefers trackpad rather than mouse, I would certainly be more comfortable navigating the 15-inch variant than the 13-inch one. Because, do drag and drop now more convenient, and perform gesture for scrolling it’s definitely easier too.

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