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6 Characteristics of a Damaged Powerbank, From Quick Heat to Bloating


Power bank is one of the important accessories to support our smartphones. Even though it is not always used, this power bank is still very useful for traveling needs or for those of us who have jobs as online motorcycle taxi drivers.

Just like other electronic devices, power banks also usually have a life span of a certain time. This means that after a period of use, the power bank will begin to lose its capacity and eventually break down.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know if their power bank is damaged or almost damaged. Even though a damaged power bank is very dangerous if you continue to use it because it can damage your smartphone or even endanger yourself.

So that’s why this time, Caris Signal will share information about the characteristics of a broken power bank, especially for you. Want to know, what are the characteristics? Just look at the following discussion.

1. Power bank can’t be used

Bcare Slim Black Powerbank, the characteristics of a damaged power bank

The first feature and the easiest to spot is when a powerbank device can no longer be used to charge a cellphone battery. Yes, there is a possibility that your power bank has been damaged.

So, if all the LED indicator lights on the power bank are still on properly and there is no problem of damage to your cellphone battery, you should use the spare USB cable that you have.

Then see if your power bank can be used to charge the battery again or not. If the cable has been replaced and the power bank still doesn’t work as usual, it could be that your power bank is damaged.

2. Total Off Indicator Light

Hippo Power Bank Zippy 12000 mAh

Other characteristics of a damaged power bank can be seen from the condition of the indicator light. If the indicator light doesn’t turn on at all even though you’ve been charging the power bank for hours using a USB cable that’s in good condition, until you charge it in the recommended way, namely using a wall socket, chances are your power bank is damaged.

If one or all of the indicator lights come on after being charged for hours, congratulations, it means that your power bank may just run out of battery.

3. Battery Runs Out Quickly

the characteristics of a broken powerbank

One of the many other characteristics of a damaged powerbank is the condition of the powerbank’s battery which is already low.drop . So, for example, you find that the power bank battery has run out, then you charge it as usual.

However, soon the power bank indicator lights all light up, indicating that the power bank battery is fully charged. Even though you’ve only been charging it for a while. So, if this happens, chances are your power bank battery has run out.drop and will soon be broken.

4. Powerbanks get hot quickly

charger power bank usb

It’s normal for a power bank to get warm or hot when in use. But when the heat is excessive, then we also need to be vigilant. If the temperature of the power bank gets hot quickly or exceeds normal limits when charging or is used for charging, your power bank may be damaged.

If your power bank is already in such condition, then you should no longer use the power bank. The reason is, it is very feared that unwanted things will happen in the future, such as burning or short circuit.

5. There is a Smell of Burnt Aroma

Power Bank

One of the characteristics of a broken power bank is that it smells burnt when you use the power bank. The smell of burnt on the powerbank may appear due to frequent short circuits. Thus, the cable used in the power bank cannot withstand the heat from the electric current.

If a component of the power bank is already damaged, then it is likely that the power bank will be damaged as a whole. Therefore, don’t use a power bank that smells burnt anymore so that unwanted things don’t happen.

6. Bloated Power Bank

bloated battery charging problem

The final feature of a damaged power bank is bloating, aka the power bank is enlarged from its normal condition. This bloated condition is very common in lithium batteries which are widely used in today’s electronic devices, such as smartphones and power banks.

The battery becomes bloated because of the electrolyte decomposition process. This process produces chemical gases which will accumulate in the battery over time. So, the gas is what makes the power bank bloated.

One of the causes of bloated power banks is due to the wrong charging method, such as charging overnight or continuing to charge when the battery is full. Please read the article on how to charge the power bank correctly so that our power bank doesn’t bloat quickly.

If the power bank is bloated, then you should not use it again. If it is still used, the bloating can get bigger and can even explode and burn.

So, those are the 6 characteristics of a broken power bank that you should know so you don’t use it anymore. Because we cannot replace a damaged power bank battery, we have to dispose of the damaged power bank like it or not.

In the future, always make sure to buy an original power bank so it doesn’t break quickly. Please read the recommendations for the best power bank brands that we have written for reference. Don’t forget to also read the article on the characteristics of a fake power bank so you don’t get fooled when buying a power bank.

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