10 Latest Huawei Laptops in Indonesia in 2023


Huawei is known for its products smartphone and telecommunications network infrastructure. Through these two product lines, Huawei has achieved success and popularity. When the world is entering an era Internet of Things (IoT), Huawei is trying to add to the types of devices that can support productivity.

So in 2016, Huawei tried its luck in a market they had never ventured into, namely laptop computers. Huawei’s debut in the laptop market was also marked by the appearance of the first generation Huawei MateBook. Since then, laptops made by Huawei have been known to have some appeal.

The appeal is like an elegant design, qualified performance, and the presence of innovative features. For example, Huawei introduced a fingerprint scanner feature on the power button. This feature is available on the MateBook X which was released in 2017.

The existence of innovative features like that makes Huawei able to steal the attention of consumers, while still existing in the midst of intense competition between brands. There are many laptop models that Huawei has released. However, Caris Signal will only present the most recent in the following list.

1. HUAWEI MateBook D14 2023 (12th Gen i5)

HUAWEI MateBook D14 12th Gen i5_

14 inci IPS LCD 1920 x 1200

Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax,160 MHz
2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
2×2 MIMO
WPA/WPA2/WPA3, Bluetooth 5.1

USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 × 1 (first on the left, supports display, data transmission, and 10 W (5V/2A) external power supply) USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 × 1 (second on the left, supports data transmission and external power supply 10 W (5V/2A)) USB-A 2.0 × 1 (on the right, supports data transmission and external power supply 7.5W (5V/1.5A)) HDMI × 1 Headset and microphone 3.5 mm Jack 2-in-1 × 1

Productivity is getting smoother with quality laptops from HUAWEI. Complete with a screen that carries an aspect ratio of 16:10, the Huawei MateBook D14 series is able to display content more broadly at one glance at the screen.

This display has a size of 11.1 percent larger than other laptops with a conventional 16:9 aspect ratio. Equipped with ratios screen-to-body up to 90 percent, ensuring the laptop has optimal side immersion in a compact body frame.

This is a laptop that fits your needs multi-tasking, packed with HUAWEI Visions features so it can connect with other devices. It is good earphonetablets, monitors, up to smartphoneall can be connected in just a few simple steps.

For those of you who have a series of product ecosystems from HUAWEI, you will definitely feel extra convenience. What’s more, the SuperHub feature allows data transfer online wireless by drag and drop.

And even though users don’t have the HUAWEI ecosystem, they can definitely feel it benefit from this laptop. The HUAWEI MateBook D14 provides usability features that are worthy of supporting daily productivity, such as design full metal lightweight, fast Intel Core i5 1240P performance, to Smart Conference to enhance the experience online meeting.

This laptop is suitable for students, students, and workers who need a quality productivity laptop-value tall. Good for typing Office, browsingto activity multimediaeverything will feel maximal thanks to the luxurious specifications offered.

But unfortunately, this laptop in the Rp. 10 million price range will be felt fall flat for those looking for high-level graphics performance. Intel Iris Xe Graphics on this laptop has performance equivalent to a discrete GPU entry-levelbut it’s not yet feasible to play the game at max graphics level.

2. HUAWEI MateBook D15 AMD R7

HUAWEI MateBook D15 AMD R7_

15.6″ IPS,1920×1080, 250nits, Screen-to-body Ratio: 87%, 45% NTSC colour gamut

Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Bluetooth

2x USB 2.0, 3.5 mm mic & jack headphone combo1x USB-C 1x USB 3.2 Gen 1, HDMI

With that body sleek and premium, HUAWEI MateBook D15 AMD R7 is ready to solve all your business even if you have to travel a lot. Its weight which does not exceed 1.63 kg is really suitable for young people who have high mobility.

The screen panel carries the IPS LCD type with viewing angle wide so as to enhance the overall viewing experience. Coated with TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification and flicker-freethis screen is perfect to invite binge-watching or work for a long time without tiring your eyes.

In order to directly send the user to the laptop interface, there is a security sensor fingerprint scanner which is attached to the button power. Working intensely will also not cause problems thanks to the performance of the AMD Ryzen 7 5000 series reliable, coupled with an effective cooling system using a 0.2 mm thick shark fin fan design.

One important note, the screen on this laptop still works in a conventional 16:9 aspect ratio. It does not provide 16:10 for more work experience smooth. Feel the acceleration workflow with reliable performance, maximum battery life, to high levels of portability.

3. HUAWEI MateBook D15 11th Gen i5

HUAWEI MateBook D15

15,6 inci IPS 1920 x 1080

Intel® Core™ i5-1155G7

Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

8 GB DDR4 3.200MHz Dual Channel

IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax,160MHz Bluetooth 5.1

USB 3.2 Gen1 x1, USB 2.0 x2, USB-C x1, HDMI x1, 3,5 mm headset and microphone 2-in-1 jack x1

Using an 11th generation Intel Core i5 processor, the HUAWEI MateBook D15 may not be as good as other series in terms of performance. However, this laptop is suitable for anyone who is willing to sacrifice a little performance for a more affordable price.

HUAWEI MateBook D15 is a laptop that highlights the design side aesthetic compact and concise. Even bezel the screen is made as thin as possible up to 5.3 mm, both on the top, left, right and bottom. As a result, the screen can reach screen to body ratio superior in the range of 87 percent.

Even more fun, the screen has good enough color reproduction to do image editing in its class. The performance is still quite okay for a laptop consumer at a price of IDR 7.7 million. Its graphical capabilities can still lift light games like Dota and CS:GO, and Valorant without any problems.

Keyboard on the HUAWEI MateBook D15 also offers key travel which is quite shallow but has high accuracy to evade typo. You won’t find either webcam on top of the screen, because it’s hidden in between keycap and only “lifts up” when in use. For those of you who conscious privacy (eg remote worker), this unique feature deserves to be appreciated.

A number of important features such as HUAWEI Share and Multiscreen Collaboration are very useful for speeding up the process of transferring data between devices. For information, HUAWEI does have emphasis more towards good ecosystem integration to support lifestyle smart home.

4. HUAWEI MateBook D 16


16 inci IPS 16:10 1920 x 1200

12ᵗʰ Gen Intel® Core™ i5-12450H / 12ᵗʰ Gen Intel® Core™ i5-12500H / 12ᵗʰ Gen Intel® Core™ i7-12700H

Intel® UHD Graphics / Intel® Iris® Xᵉ Graphics

IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax BT 5.1

Write down the battery type here

Don’t miss the experience multimedia unique on the big screen. With the HUAWEI MateBook D 16, viewing activities in crowds is ensured to be maximized. The laptop screen carries an IPS panel with viewing angle area of ​​178 degrees, suitable for multimedia but not good at keeping screen contents confidential when working in public places.

Thanks to its color gamut that supports 100 percent sRGB, YouTubers and graphic designers can do a better job of adjusting color accuracy when editing. You will also be saved from activities scrolling excess time browsing and work. This is because the screen supports golden aspect ratio 4:10 p.m. which displays a wider workspace.

The keyboard layout offers keypad numeric to provide a faster and more practical number typing experience. Users also won’t feel tired of typing for a long time, because keyboard carried with travel key Convenient 1.5mm. There is backlight on several adjustable levels, making working at night a pleasure.

One of the unique features that can hardly be competed with by other devices is the ability to integrate laptops with other HUAWEI devices. For example when using smartphone from HUAWEI, you can control the laptop remotely (mirror mode).

It is undeniable, the HUAWEI MatePad D 16 is one of the ideal laptops at a price of Rp. 13 million which is rich in features, has a stunning screen, and performance that is not canned. Suitable for workers or students from any background.

5. HUAWEI MateBook X Pro i7 12th Gen

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2022 cover

14,2 inci LTPS 3120 x 2080

Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax BT 5.2

Thunderbolt™ 4 x 2 (Left)
USB-C x 2 (Right)
3.5 mm headset and microphone 2-in-1 jack x 1

For users who are engaged in the world of film and video editing, it would be nice to use a laptop with a wide aspect ratio. This is to ensure the screen can display more content in one view. Nahone of the laptops with an aspect ratio of 3:2 is the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro.

For information, most laptops only carry an aspect ratio of 16:9. Some have used the wider 16:10, but have yet to match the tall size of the 3:2 aspect ratio. In order to provide smooth screen movement when playing games, laptops are packed with refresh rate 90 Hz.

Users can even switch between 90 Hz and 60 Hz mode by simply pressing the Fn + R button. Featuring HUAWEI Real Color FullView Display technology, the laptop promises accurate and consistent color reproduction among all other devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Laptops feature an effective cooling system that includes dual shark fin fanssteam room heat dissipation module (vapor chamber), as well as a three-way air intake. All work hand in hand to help users carry out strenuous activities for long periods of time without stress overheating.

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